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                                      Hair Style Spray

                                      Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a large cosmetics manufacturer which has established a good reputation in the international market. The factory covers an area of 8000 square meters, with automated production lines, 100,000 class clean cleaning workshop, can provide you with daily production capacity, our R & D team is composed of 8 experienced engineers, so we are fully qualified to provide you with OEM and ODM services as well as customized services

                                      Hair styling sprays can provide the perfect styling for any style. Can create the ideal shape and clean appearance. Colour-safe, quick-drying, fine mist provides 24-hour moisture and anti-frizz protection without making hair stiff or sticky.This styling spray is strong, but not greasy at all, and gives a refreshing effect, leaving my hair fresh and styled! Use this Hair styling sprays to make your hair last longer and your lines smoother!

                                      Usage: Take the Hair styling sprays and fully rub it in the palm and between the fingers, spread it evenly on the hair after cleaning and drying, so that the product is evenly attached to the whole hair, grasp the hair root to strengthen support, adjust the hair tip to the ideal shape, 25~30 cm away from the hair and evenly spray hair gel for lasting styling.

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                                      Diuturna Hair Style Spray

                                      Diuturna Hair Style Spray

                                      Ut officinas medicamine elit, Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd Officia OEM et ODM offerimus, permittentes te ad sarcinas, notas et odores comparare, quae in tuis requisitis sunt. Haec Wilson Long-Lustans Hair Styling Spray optima solutio est pro omnibus necessitatibus pilis ferendis. Diuturna eius formula, textura non-viscum, et usus facilitatis popularem electionem inter clientes faciunt. Praecipe nunc et experire beneficia operis huius phantastici apud te

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                                      Hair Style Spray artifices et praebitores in Sinis - Wilson. In bona fide administratio, quale primum principium, spes cooperandi cum omnibus negotiis, melius futurum creabit. Cernere potes ad Hair Style Spray Lupum a nobis. Nos sumus stibio officinas praebitores, societates non negotiantes, quae experimenta XX annorum OEM et ODM habent.
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